Fins Bois Cognac

Among the 91 000 hectars of vines in the cognac region, 43% are planted in the Fins Bois appellation. However, finding on the market a cognac with single appellation Fins Bois is not an easy task. Actually, Fins Bois cognacs are mainly used for young blends by most of big Cognac houses. And these young blends, called V.S. are almost 60% of cognac sales in the world. So Fins Bois are everywhere!

Fins Bois are less likely to age for a very long time than cognacs from Champagnes or Borderies areas. They reveal an interesting bouquet, less intense than the other main appellations though. Nevertheless the Fins Bois appellation, which is geographically located around Champagnes and Borderies, is also very heterogen, which gives space for little jewels!

Fins Bois cognacs are often used as foundations for the blends. In other words, if we had to compare cognac blending process to the construction of a house, Fins Bois cognacs would be the big works whereas other appellations would be the finishing, which gives the harmony to the house.

We offer 3 cognacs from our vineyard in Apremont, in the Fins Bois appellation.

Source: BNIC chiffres 2020


Fins Bois d'Apremont V.S.

Our V.S. from Apremont is a good start for mixology. It’s a well-balanced cognac with fruit-forward aromas combined with a minerality specific to the Apremont hills. Stored in demi-muids, it keeps aging up to bottling, done upon order.

Fins Bois d'Apremont 2001

We haven’t revendicated this vintage, but be assured that it’s only eaux-de-vie from harvest 2001 that compose this bottle. Bottling upon order, it will have exactly aged between the 2001 distillation campaign and your purchase. Proud of its 20 years, our Fins Bois 2001 calls for butter and spices, with curiously a nose of old cognac and a much younger mouth.

Fins Bois d'Apremont V.S.O.P.

For more roundness, please choose this Fins Bois V.S.O.P. from Apremont. Older than a standard V.S.O.P., it’s vanilla, caramel and santalwood that will go up to your vibrissae and taste buds.