Borderies Cognac

Blends of cognacs exclusively coming from our vineyard in l’Hermitage in the Borderies area. Floral notes, vanilla and rancio are the first words coming up when talking about our cognacs aged in our hundred-year-old cellars.

Spéciale Fine de l'Hermitage

The youngest cognac in our range. It has been aged for 30 months in ‘roux’ cask only. Suitable for mixology, it will bring freshness and youth to your palate. Let the cellar master write a few words about it: “When I smell this cognac, I’m carried away in the vines during spring when grapes start flowering.”

Napoléon Réserve de Castex

10 to 15 year-old blend. This cognac has been dedicated to Général de Castex, 2-starred general under Napoléon 1st. Pierre de Castex led a cavalry regiment during Napoléon’s Russia campaign in 1813: circled by the Russians, the General saved his men while they built sleds to cross over the frozen river ‘Berezina’. After this feat, Napoléon told him: “Castex, you are a brave man. I make you General” Pierre-Louis Giboin says a word: “It’s my favorite cognac as it brings what I expect when I drink a cognac: a deep and burnt nose, roundness in the mouth, and long and sensual finish.”

Sélection de l'Hermitage

4 to 5 year-old blend. Almost sweet, but with vanilla notes, this cognac is well appreciated among women. In mouth, you’ll find floral notes of small trees like hawthorn. Aged in our cellar in oak cask. Brigitte Giboin talks about it : “It should be kept as a secret, but when I’m cooking, I always use Sélection and often I do drink a small glass along, it’s so nice! “

X.O. Royal

The youngest eau-de-vie in this blend is 15 years old. Our oldest blended cognac is composed with eaux-de-vie distilled by 3 generations of master-distillers: Camille, Michel and François. You will retrieve roasted almonds, dark chocolate, candied orange and santalwood aromas.


V.S.O.P. Réserve de l'Hermitage

The youngest eau-de-vie is 7 years old. It’s a blend of 3 different vintages from the Borderies. A vanilla nose replaced in mouth with candied fruit notes, even spices, just like a banana macerated in Tabasco.. Here is what François Giboin says: “Have you ever heard about Summit cocktail? This V.S.O.P. should be used in this Cognac region signature cocktail!”

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